Csaba Nagy

BLE4K | R/S for BMPCC4K/UMP & Tilta Nucleus-Nano

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BLE4K enables you to start/stop recording on your Bluetooth capable BlackMagic Camera using Tilta Nuclues-Nano.

BLE4K connects to Tilta Nuclues-Nano Motor via 2.5mm connection into the R/S port on the motor. This provides both power and data to the BLE4K. 

Initial pairing with the BLE4K to a Blackmagic Camera using a simple WiFi interface and auto connects to camera from then on. 

Custom designed 3D Printed housing, lightweight and durable.  



Tested with BMPCC4K, Firmware 6.2.1 but should work with any Bluetooth enabled Blackmagic Camera including the URSA Mini Pro.

WiFi Interface tested on IOS 12, MacOS 10.14 & Windows 10